Mollifício Lombardo could not succeed without the mutual trust of those employees who contribute every day with their work. Trust is built when we share goals, fulfill each one of our principles and on the disposition of this Code. Each part is engaged in full compliance. Non-compliance to this Code is not compatible with the execution of it at all levels.


Mollifício Lombardo must ensure that its employees, collaborators and representatives are aware of the ethical significance of their actions, that they may not seek personal or business profit to the detriment of compliance with applicable laws and agreements.


Mollifício Lombardo must ensure that its representatives and employees clearly and fairly convey the image of their company in all its relations and dimensions, therefore facilitating its understanding.


Mollifício Lombardo must ensure that its representatives and employees always work with dedication and take into account the concrete circumstances; that they may not have discriminatory and opportunistic behavior. They must not promote or agree with discrimination of any kind based on religion, race, sex, political opinion or disability.

Respect for the environment

Mollifício Lombardo is fully aware that responsible and adequate economic management must also be directed to the environmental issues related to its activities in order to increase the quality of customer service. Therefore, to manage its business means being committed to keep improving its performance and the environment.

Health and safety in the workplace

Mollifício Lombardo must ensure that its representatives and employees comply with all the safety measures required by the current legislation, technological and effort in order to preserve the physical and moral integrity of everyone who works for the company.

Union relations

In order to protect employees’ rights and the growth of economic democracy, Mollifício Lombardo is committed to create good and continuous relations with Union and to protect all industry employees.

Fair Competition

In the relations with competing companies, Mollifício Lombardo practices its principle of respect and loyalty to them all.

Human Resources

To ensure all employees receive continuous training so that they may be able to achieve the best professional levels, always with cooperation and team spirit.

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